The small-business case for the Affordable Care Act

Washington Post

Regarding the Dec. 17 front-page article “Ruling injects anxiety into health-care system”:

A federal court’s declaration that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional could destabilize the ACA marketplaces, which is bad news for the small businesses, employees and solo entrepreneurs who rely on the ACA for quality, affordable insurance.

More than half of all ACA marketplace enrollees nationwide are small-business owners, self-employed individuals or small-business employees. The decision in Texas v. United States, however, could cause prices to rise for those millions of people if large numbers of consumers leave the health-care marketplaces because they believe the ACA will eventually be struck down. If that happens, those who remain in the marketplaces could face higher costs.

The stability of the ACA was already a concern thanks to the Trump administration’s injection of chaos into the ACA marketplaces, most notably when the administration and its allies ended the individual mandate. Now that the very existence of the ACA is in question, it’s possible even more people will leave the marketplaces. Let’s hope the next judge who hears Texas v. United States upholds the ACA and stops millions of U.S. entrepreneurs from being priced out of health insurance.

John Arensmeyer, Washington

The writer is founder and chief executive of
Small Business Majority.

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