Recent Ruling by Florida Judge Lets Us Get Back to the Important Stuff

John Arensmeyer

John Arensmeyer

The media has been chock full of stories on the political drama surrounding recent court decisions on the constitutionality of the new healthcare law. Various judges have ruled that the law is constitutional, except one. Florida Judge Roger Vinson’s decision on Jan. 31 declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional was an unfortunate setback for those looking for relief from the ever-rising cost of health insurance.

But yesterday’s news that Judge Vinson stayed his previous ruling, which means states can continue implementing provisions of the law, was a much-needed step in the right direction. It allows us to focus on what’s important—implementing provisions of the law that will provide small businesses with the relief they’re in desperate need of, such as lower costs, better access to coverage and fewer administrative hassles.

While the legal bickering plays out in the courts, states can now work to smoothly enact provisions of the Affordable Care Act—such as the creation of health insurance marketplaces—that will have significant benefits for small employers.

Unfortunately, the ideologues will undoubtedly continue to rehash worn out debates on this topic. Yet while they obfuscate and misinform, the rest of us are working hard to ensure states have flexibility in choosing how best to implement the reforms so that small businesses across the country get the most out of the new law. Our research has shown time and again that thanks to healthcare reform, America’s 28 million small businesses will be able to concentrate on running companies and creating jobs instead of worrying about how they’ll afford to pay rising insurance premiums. That’s a sigh of relief we can all appreciate.

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